2 tours: 1 on the 21st. The second (date to be determined)



Hello CFP community, @zuzi and @Owl,

There are not anyone criticizing about the tour dates from @zuzi and @Owl so I will do it.

There are 1 very important thing that I found to be very suspicious about from what I noticed about the scheduling from both tours and I would like to point them out.

  1. Owl’s and Zuzi’s tour might be to close together in dates.

This reason states that the poll on Owl’s tour is too close with zuzi’s tour on 21.12.2021 because we could have to play the tour multiple times because of hackers or lag. It would be best for @Owl to maybe take out the poll and edit it for 2 weeks after @zuzi’s tour or got @zuzi to reschedule the tour based on @Owl date on the tour. (Poll on Owl’s tour for the date). The tour dates is just way too close together. @Owl your Sunday 7th March choice is a perfect choice for the tour being scheduled a few days/weeks ahead of @zuzi’s tour. If you can have your date for the tour on the 7th of March then it would give people that signed up for both tours to have some time to practice and possibly rank up. @zuzi if your tour is on the 21.12.2021 and @Owl’s tour ends up being on the 20th then I will be forced to ask you to reschedule the tour for the same reasons if @Owl’s tour ends up on the 20th.

Links to @Owl’s and @zuzi’s tour:
Zuzi’s tour
Owl’s tour



Thats a lot of mentions!

Personally I put them next to each other so that it doesn’t interfere with future official tournaments which I’ve been told may be early march. Also I’m personally not particularly interested in playing a 1v1 tournament as I find the gamemode quite boring so for some of us it might be an alternative.

Regardless just vote for a time you’d like to play if you’re interested I think.


yes same @Aron123 I don’t want to have 2 tours in a row


Nothing forces you to join both, you can play the one you prefer!
Zuzi’s tour is the official one orginized by mods, while Owl offers an unofficial tour (with prizes)
You can choose your favorite gamemode if you don’t wanna play both :stuck_out_tongue: