2.0 Community Spotlight Magazine


Hello everyone!

After checking with all of you about the idea of the community spotlight magazine I have decided to continue with this idea. This will be a magazine which is fully community driven with informational but also creative and funny content. This will be published every 3 months, in total 4 times a year.

Since I can not write or find everything myself and that the magazine is community driven, you can also do your part! The question is how?

What can you send?
You can send all kinds of content which go about the game or community. This should always be in a respectful way without targeting anyone direct or indirectly.

  • Opinions on gamemodes, skins, tournaments,…
  • Suggestions
  • Highlight your own creations! (videos, pictures,…).
  • CurveRadio section
  • Fansite section

  • The moderator team will also place some informational info in the article for tournaments or other announcements.

How can you send it?
For the first edition you can send in all your information before 25th of March 2019. You can either send this to @Averazon#2010 on discord or to [email protected] with subject “magazine”. Please be aware all content will be screened in detail before putting it into the magazine.

Ready, set? Well… we will launch the first edition soon so the go will have to wait :wink:

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