"10/10 Immersive Gameplay" -IGN



“11/10, Active Community” -Common Sense Media



Good job right there :slight_smile:
Common Sense Media doesn’t have a page for Curve Fever, though. :frowning:




looks like modern art… i’ll pay 500 mil for all rights to it.:joy:


Bet… Ill double that offer for this and all your future work. And ill add in some gems! Give me the rights :joy:


Disconnects Wi-Fi while playing lame pre-teen designed game to create abstract art

curve fever only becomes worse in age, like rotten eggs (and the preteens who play it)




It hurts :frowning: :frowning:


WiFi having some problems, didnt disconnect it. although i will admit i did not reset it at first so i could do that.


Imagine stepping in every single one of those mines.

One word; ouch.