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Guide: Understanding your Powers ( 2 ) (33)

Understanding your Powers This guide is to give you the offensive and defensive stats on all your Modules/Powers for easier comparison, as well as go into detail about what these stats mean and how they’re used in game. …

When making a topic. [PLEASE READ] (3)

Here at Curve Fever, we want you and everyone else to have the best possible experience here on the forum. In order to do this we need your help! when creating a topic. Make sure there is not a similar topic as it wil…

Guide: How to report (3)

[Rep] You encountered a problem with something, Ayyyy. No worries this thread should help you… I hope :slight_smile: Problems exist to get fixed and that’s what we’ll help you with! You can have a problem with: Someth…

Curve Fever Pro - Beginner's guide (3)

In this topic, you can find all questions and answers that come up frequently. Utilising this post, we want to make it easier for new, but also returning players, to get to know the game a bit better. Have a look at th…

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