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Guide: Understanding your Powers

Understanding your Powers This guide is to give you the offensive and defensive stats on all your Modules/Powers for easier comparison, as well as go into detail about what these stats mean and how they’re used in game. …

51 September 21, 2018
Who are the moderators and what do they do?

What are the moderators for? Put simply, the moderators are here to monitor/improve the Curve Fever community. With the developers busy coding and doing other important work, moderators will deal with checking up on t…

6 March 7, 2018
Guide: How to report

You encountered a problem with something, Ayyyy. No worries this thread should help you… I hope :slight_smile: Problems exist to get fixed and that’s what we’ll help you with! You can have a problem with: Something Y…

3 October 25, 2018
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