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Don't let your account get stolen! ( 2 ) [General] (25)

We’ve been getting reports from users whose accounts get stolen. How or why you might ask? Well, because those users entrusted someone else with their login information. Currently, there are specific users out there who …

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[OFFICIAL] - >>IMPORTANT UPDATE<< Best Plays X-Mas Event [Tournaments] (20)

EDIT: You can now send in just your match code and round number! You don’t have to record it! This December we are going to have 2 official events! The first I will post about today and the second I’ll post in the nex…

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[OFFICIAL] - X-Mas Tournament. 16/12/18 - 20:00 CET ( 2 ) [Tournaments] (33)

:cloud_with_lightning: Stealing is back this X-Mas :cloud_with_lightning: Welcome to the official Curve Fever Pro tournament for December 2018! Honestly I didn’t think I was going to have a free weekend this month bu…

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Hey Pros! As the main thread has made a mess :basic_crate:, I decided to do a new one in which the best players with the best records will be updated on a regular basis! :gm: It’s enough that someone inserts the screen …

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